Think Big! The Secret to Entrepreneurial Success

Starting out as an entrepreneur can be daunting, especially if it’s your first venture. Even successful entrepreneurs have their fears whenever they start a new business. The difference with Entrepreneurs and everyone else is their fear doesn’t stop them – or you – from thinking big and taking action.

Why Think Big?

If you set your goal to serve only a small group of people, you’ll probably never have serious opportunities to grow and develop. Growth and development is what makes the difference between regular small business owners and successful entrepreneurs. Try from the start to set a bigger vision for your business and the size it will be. Test your products and services with a small group of people, but aim for greatness. Your ambitions should be reflected in your web design, in your audacious marketing campaigns,

Could a One Page Website Suit Your Business?

Small business owners in Melbourne who need to have a website developed may find a viable solution in single page website design. One page websites can provide business owners with an option for showcasing their work and providing their contact details, without having to go to the trouble of building more complex (and possibly more costly) websites. They also provide users with a website that is easy to use, navigate and respond to. (more…)

Stop Dreaming and Start Growing Online

Since the first business website saw the light of day, design has been an important part of online success. When working on web design your web developers need to understand the importance of not only graphic design but:
  • How your visitors read online content
  • How your visitors interact with your website
  • How search engines will view your website
  • How to get your visitors to respond to your call to action

The Creative and Content Balancing Act

While graphics are an important element in any profit pulling website development they can hinder the website performance if they are not done well. It’s important that the graphic designer chosen for web development understands how to make the website attractive to both search engines and humans who will view it. Some web developers are great on the graphic design, others are great on coding

Your Brand’s Emotional Bank Account

So you have launching a business, got your logo designed, business card printed and website launched. Your brand is ready to rock... so what next? It's time to focus on the most valuable aspect of your brand - Trust!

Trust in Your Brand

Once you have launched a new business your focus should be to generate more trust in the brand/customer relationship. Most businesses devote a lot of time to building a brand and gaining new customers. Many businesses neglect the task of building on the exisiting relationships. You should do everything you can to understand your customer and make the brand relationship as secure as possible.

Brand Relationships

Just like any relationship, there will be testing times along the journey. A good brand makes deposits into the consumer’s emotional bank account knowing withdrawals might be needed during testing

Websites that Build Brands and Generate Profit

All businesses should have a professionally designed website that is easy to use, well-structured and presents their brand in the best possible light. Generally, most entrepreneurial business owners want a website that provides compelling content and builds rapport with your business and  trust with your brand. More that all of this, the purpose for every entrepreneur's website is to generate profit either by selling products or services or by creating leads. (more…)

Is Guerrilla Marketing Right For Your Melbourne Business?

When you hear the word ‘guerrilla’ it probably conjures up a pretty radical image in your mind – which is hardly surprising since it is often used in relation to freedom fighting, or political resistance. In the business context, however, guerrilla marketing refers to using radical, out-of-the-box, and original ideas to convey the message you want. (more…)

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