Should Your Business Have an Email Newsletter?

One of the most important aspects of customer relationships is keeping in touch. And you have probably heard that you need to build a list to do this.

Although they are many ways to build your list and keep in touch, one of the easiest is with an email newsletter.

However like all marketing tactics you need to consider whether it is right for your business. Here are a few factors to consider before you leap into the world of email newsletters.

Why Use?

Retain Customers

The reason is it keeps your brand in front of your customers on a regular basis which is important especially if you have active competitors.

Attract Customers

Not all potential customers are ready to buy when they come to your website.  They may have the need but not the desire at the time and using email newsletters helps your brand remain as a potential choice.

This is not a tactic to use if you are looking for customers in a short period of time as it takes time to build the relationship.

Expand Sales With Customers

If you have a range of products or services, an email newsletter is one way to introduce them to your customers.

When to Use?

  • Your marketing strategy includes a focus on personalised communication
  • You have a website and want to build a list of potential customers
  • As part of your content marketing program
  • You can provide content on a regular basis
  • Current customers are receptive to receiving information
  • You have customers or employees, whose stories you would like to share


  • Setting up the newsletter does take time. This is due to working up the content you will be providing, choosing a software program, designing or customising a template and compiling your contact list.
  • You can shorten the time factor if you decide to go with an email newsletter that does not use a template and just uses plain text. This does however lessen the opportunity to brand your newsletter with your customers.
  • Once you have set your email newsletter up, the time factor is is minimal as you only need to produce your content.
  • You can shorten the time factor by outsourcing to an assistant; however this will mean an increase in your costs.


  • The cost is minimal or free depending on your number of subscribers you have and the software you use.


  • Provides an effective way to nurture the relationship with current customers and potential customers
  • Is a cost effective way to provide information, introduce new products or services and special promotions
  • Builds trust which can lead to attracting more customers and repeat customers
  • Keeps your brand in front of your customers and ahead of your competitors
  • Allows you to showcase customers, employees as well as your products or services


  • Takes up your time unless you outsource
  • Once you have established a schedule you need to keep to it regardless of work pressures
  • No guarantee of subscribers opening your newsletter and taking action
  • You will need to provide content on a regular basis

If you decide to go ahead with an email newsletter then there are software options like Aweber, Constant Contact and Mail Chimp that are either free or low cost if you are just starting out.

Have you had success with email newsletters?

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