What to do if you Lose your Entrepreneurial Mojo

For an entrepreneur creativity is a characteristic you need to have plenty of. I have found the biggest killer of creativity is a lack of confidence. Without confidence as a entrepreneur you will really lose your mojo.

Most of us have our doubters, those that don’t believe we can make it happen, those that don’t think we should take the risk. In order to be a successful entrepreneur you must get past all this negativity and take action. Launching a business requires confidence. You need to have faith that your idea will work.

The Enemy of Confidence – Fear

Confidence manifests itself in the way you perceive yourself and the actions you take, but also in the way others see you. When you lack confidence it’s easy for others to notice. Maybe you’re fearful of stepping out of your comfort zone. Maybe you are fearful of using a new, daring marketing or branding strategy. When you don’t believe in yourself nobody else will either and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Obstacles will Happen

The only way to avoid obstacles is to be stagnant. There’s no such thing as obstacles if you are not going anywhere. While many people may be comfortable with a lifestyle like this, it will kill the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs do whatever it takes to get past fears. They believe in themselves and in their business ideas. Ultimately you need to be clear in your vision and purpose when obstacles do occur. It’s the true entrepreneur who will persevere.

Approach things from a different angle

Sometimes we are too close to our own businesses and can’t easily identify the best way forward. Often the breakthrough comes when we step away from the situation and involve others.

As an entrepreneur, you are a creative thinker. Look outside your usual influences and see what you can adapt from a fresh, new perspective. Look across other industries to see how others approach business. For example look at how they use web design, branding, or marketing.

Instead of doing everything on your own, why not brainstorm with other creative minds? Sometimes an external perspective really helps. They can be a guide for you while you build your business.

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